Regional RMA Desk Manager

Ceragon Networks

We are looking for independent employees with high working ethics who are self-motivated and eager to learn. The employee must have excellent communication skills and be a team player. 


The ideal candidate has the following:


  • B.A- advantage to B.A in industrial management.
  • Experience in managing a region – order entry, follow up, interface with operation teams- 2 years.
  • Excellent English
  • High excel skills
  • Customer oriented person


  • At least 2 year experience in working with international customers,
  • Analytic skills.


Job requires being in touch with end users and internal interfaces within the organization.

Most of the work is done with the ERP system.

Verify orders are processed in a timely manner, that data integrity is maintained, and that orders entered into the system are repaired and delivered

Providing information to customers either by mail or phone and providing weekly updates to management.

Oversee the IT developments, concerning OA, Sharepoint and etc.




Programul de lucru cel mai des intalnit pe la noi este de la 9:00 la 17:30, dar suntem flexibili.

Superior ierarhic

You will be part of Ella Owsinski's team (

Ceragon Networks

Company description

As the world’s leading wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers, as well as private network operators have the transmission capacity to reliably deliver the voice and premium data services that we all rely on.

From telecommunications operators to mobile service providers, everyone is after the backhaul capacity necessary to provide the latest services, expand into new markets and to simply meet the demands of their current networks. Ceragon solutions have been designed to eliminate bottlenecks with cost-effective, future-proof high-capacity backhaul connectivity while maintaining stellar performance. Known as the premier provider of short haul solutions, Ceragon’s recent acquisition of Nera Networks extends the scope of solutions we provide. This unmatched reach that now includes long haul solutions allows our customers to expand their own offering. Agile and responsive, Ceragon addresses your evolving needs, so that you can fully leverage new opportunities.


Today, Ceragon Romania is consists of 4 major departments: Research and Development (R&D), Services, Presales and Finance.

The site is in charge of all the core software of Ceragon’s products, starting with low level hardware configuration and up to the element’s user interface and Ceragon's advanced network management system.

The team develops, tests, maintains and supports all new features of the existing products and the next generation products, responsible of product bring up, in case a new Hardware was introduced (element or card), Firmware support for new or updated features, data base and the entire user interface. Also, the team is the one integrating and preparing the official, final releases, and is also fully responsible for the development of NetMaster, which is a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) designed for managing large-scale microwave networks.

Locația biroului

Str. General Gheorghe Manu 5, Bucuresti

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Financial aspects will be discussed during HR interview.

Extra beneficii

Ne plac:

  • Oamenii care stiu ce vor - pachet Benefits Online.
  • Oamenii sanatosi - Asigurare la Regina Maria
  • Oamenii pasionati de munca lor - Mentoring, training, proiecte provocatoare
  • Oamenii inovatori - Innovation Days: Ne dezvoltam impreuna.
  • Oamenii isteti - Abonament la Bookster
  • Oamenii energici - teren de fotbal si de tenis
  • Oamenii cu spirit de echipa - campionat de foosball
  • Oamenii competitivi - XBox plin de jocuri
  • Oamenii cu chef de viata - petreceri, seri de board games si seri de film
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Pașii procesului de recrutare

  • Pasul 1

    First Technical Interview

  • Pasul 2

    Second Technical Interview

  • Pasul 3

    HR Interview

  • Pasul 4