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PHP Software Engineer

Job @ Zitec

If you can master the power of PHP, SQL and Javascript, you belong with us! We’ll be witnessing many releases together!


  • Experience in developing web applications (at least 2-3 years)
  • Extensive experience with PHP and SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server)
  • Good understanding of MVC frameworks (Zend Framework, Symfony 2-3, Phalcon) and application architecture patterns
  • Basic knowledge of front-end concepts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Nice to have: knowledge of web services (RESTful / SOAP), JSON, XML, web servers (Apache / Nginx), Linux, communication protocols
  • Ability to express your thoughts in English (written or spoken)
  • Being responsible and proactive
  • Interest in continuous career development
  • Nice to have: technical studies in Automatics, Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Science (student or graduate)


  • PHP development (using industry best practices)
  • Database design and development
  • Research and implement new tools and technologies
  • Constantly improve the application architecture, performance and security
  • Share technical knowledge with the team


We love technology!

We make best use of a wide range of technologies to build custom web applications, client-server applications, mobile apps, community and business portals, e-commerce solutions and many more.

At Zitec we do more than just coding. We try to optimize and automate our clients' business processes, while making best use of a wide range of technologies. Our PHP teams work with Symfony, Phalcon and Zend Framework to build complex, custom-made applications or with Drupal and Magento to implement high quality and cost-efficient solutions for customers in need of a CMS or e-Commerce platform. And because we like diversity, the .NET team is always already for a challenge when it comes to ASP.NET MVC or SharePoint, while in the other room some of us will asynchronously write code in Node.js.

Of course, mobile apps have their dedicated team as well. Be it a native app on iOS, Android or Windows Phone or a cross-platform app, they will do an outstanding job at developing it.

Data storage systems are also important to us! Data is a first-class citizen in every application, so it should be treated accordingly. We try to select the right tool for the job: from relational databases (MySQL, SQLServer or PostgreSQL) to the new kids on the block: NoSQL databases or cloud blob storage.

We’re really proud to have built the Zitec team on a flat structure and self-managing teams dedicated to important projects or various departments. Over the years, some of the colleagues who have shown passion for their work and management abilities have joined the Zibord, helping us to improve as a company and build more and more business opportunities for us and for our partners.


  • Json- Nice to have
  • Linux- Nice to have
  • XML- Nice to have
  • Apache- Nice to have
  • Nginx- Nice to have
  • SOAP- Nice to have
  • MVC frameworks- Good understanding (Zend Framework, Symfony 2-3, Phalcon)
  • HTML- Basic knowledge
  • CSS- Basic knowledge
  • PHP- Extensive experience
  • RESTful- Nice to have
  • JavaScript- Basic knowledge
  • SQL- Extensive experience (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server)


Zitec is not your usual IT company. We're an awesome team, always looking for passionate people to join us on our continuous quest to create the best software engineering team out there.

To us, programming goes beyond just writing code lines. It's about understanding the end goal and getting involved in the projects we're working on. We strive to make a positive impact while looking for the next tool or process that will help us improve.

Since 2003 we have delivered more then 350 projects in 15 countries from 3 continents, covering specialties like: research and development, cloud computing, mobile apps, online marketing and web design while using technologies and platforms such as PHP, Zend Framework, Drupal, Magento, Symphony, Phalcon, .NET, Node.js, MySQL, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Google AdWords or Google Analytics. And this is just so you can get an idea about us.

Top 3 cool things we're known for:

Office location

6-6A Calea Vitan Phoenix Tower, B & C, 5th-6th floor 3rd district


We’ll discuss together the financial aspects related to our collaboration

Extra benefits

When it comes to perks and benefits, we have it all! Everything you can think of in one sweet office goodies pack for our team members to enjoy. Have any suggestion to make your experience at Zitec even better? Let us hear it!

Dual Monitors
Once you experience the power of dual monitors, you can never go back to one screen. Let us show you! Office Parties
What’s a release or a successful campaign without a celebration? Music, drinks and fun on the house!
Tea, fresh milk and various types of coffee all year long, to recharge your batteries every day. Oh, and drinks after work hours, of course
Foosball, ping pong, pin ball, boardgames, game consoles, Rubik cubes, you name it - we have them all in one room - The Fun Room! Plus the coolest hammock you’ve ever seen.
Bicycle friendly
Like to ride your bike on your way to the office and back? Say no more! We fully support the idea and have a safe bike parking spot indoor.
Riding your bike to the office or getting too competitive in the Fun Room can sometimes require a shower. So we installed 2 of them for our team. Because we like to keep it clean!
Premium medical
Full medical subscription at one of the top health care networks. Bugs, you better stay out!
Healthy Bites
Your parents can be happy now - we have fresh fruits on the house every day, various kinds depending on the season.
Music @ office
Hallways don’t have to be silent and sad - we have music all day long and you can decide what to play. Plus, we like to spoil ourselves with DJ sets and live performances from our in-house band
Our colleagues hold frequent training sessions, helping the team get to grips with new and emerging technologies. That’s why we rank amongst the top 3 IT companies in Europe with Zend Certifications
Food Tickets
We couldn’t leave out lunch tickets from our goodies pack - use them for food. We’ll take care of the sweet stuff!
Maybe you attend university classes three days a week or you need to leave earlier one day so you don't miss the salsa class? No problem! (Just tell us about it first!)
Learning Credits
We encourage and support continuous development for our team with training sessions, internal conferences, in-house workshops, research time and an annual program of credits for learning dedicated to every member of our team.
Birthday Day-off
If it's your birthday, go on, get a day-off and celebrate as you please!
Extra Days-off
As a member of our team you can get extra days-off proportional to length of service. So the more you've been with us, the more days-off you get. Plus, we have unlimited days-off for upper and middle management.
White Rabbit
Just like our code, we like our beer well crafted so we brew our own beer - a ton of it, in limited edition, for our team and for our partners - follow the
Relocation package
Ever thought about moving to Bucharest? Here at Zitec, we’re looking for passionate individuals from all over the country. If you’re one of them, you can benefit from our relocation package and our full support to make you to feel at home with Zitec team.
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